Sunday, April 30, 2006

Pear Blossom, late april 

I have spotted this effect the last few years and wanted to point it out. I have certainly heard it said a few times in permaculture circles about the importance of micro climate and I wondered if this was not a good example of it. This pear tree, where it is close too and protected by the granite wall, and enjoys the thermal mass and reflected heat from it is in full bloom. Where as the higher branches, above the top of the wall and thus more exposed are not even in leaf yet;Posted by Picasa

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Extending the forest garden

I know it looks a mess, but it will settle in quickly I hope, there are layers of old mulch as we fight the battle with the grass, most of current bushes and trees have to compete with the grass for nutrients, so excluding it with a blanket of mulch is the permaculture way to do go. Its a constant battle though, but i feel like we are making progress right now. I have added a Hovinia Dulcis, or Japanese raisin tree, it has edible flowers and is an attractive ornamental. a red mulberry - as an edible largish shrub/ small tree, an Aronia - the red chockeberry, with its sharp but nutritiious fruit. Also in the foreground here a Chilean Myrtle, which i have written about before, one of the tastiest fruit shrubs.  Posted by Picasa

Monday, April 17, 2006

Well I guess this means spring is definitely here now, See previous posting) and the flowers on the magnolia tree opened on the 15th april, 18 days later than last year Posted by Picasa

Thursday, April 13, 2006

This old fella came wanderng past the other afternoon. Really old looking thick, rough old fur and looking a bit thin after the winter, I even wondered if he was blind, as it was full light of day and he hardly seemed aware I was there. kept pressing his snout deep into the ground, sniffing out for worms no doubt, very intent of what it was doing and completely uninsterested in me Posted by Picasa

Visit from my old mate Chris B. Here he is on his faithfull Triumph Bonnie that took him around the world with his partner Kirsten. They had a quicl stop off in Tasmania to ahve a baby, and paused enough to bolt a sidecar onto one of the bikes, then carried on. We a;ll went up to Hendre hall to see Nuru Kane, a fab Senegalese singer with his band, a truly top gig and they place was rammed - even for a monday. So yah booh to anywone who says there isn't and audience for world music in North Wales and also big thanks to Dewi and the Byd Mawr posse who put the gig on. Posted by Picasa