Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Plants for Reading schools

Thanks to Dawn who has been busy propagating plants for me to use in the schools garden project down in Reading. I have been going down there every month since last May to work at building forest gardens in schools down there and it is grat to be able to take a car full of plants from here each time i go down. One of the key things about permaculture is about building relationships between things, so it is particularly satisfying to have evolved a way that we can produce and excess here, that is beneficial to project work elsewhere. Although we have got land here, we have been largely preoccupied with sorting out the buildings, people money over the yeas, and while there has always been a plan for the land, we have not yet made full use of it. This year, after the progress we made last feels like it is really starting to come together after lots of hard work, we are also really hoping the input and energy of the design course is going to give us lots of opportunity to make a whole lot more progress. ... in my boxes to take with me I have got lots of marigolds, which would add some colour and insect life to the gardens, as well as of course being edible and medicinal. Some beans I got from the seed swap that come from the states, and are a traditional variety grown by the Cherokee nation. Loads of herbs like chamomile, sage, various onions... all good stuff just add to what we have already planted. I cant wait to see how the school gardens are looking after a whole month away... I will post some pics when I get back

Cath M 2

I couldn't resist adding this pic as well, as I love the looks on their faces!

Mukopadhyay visitation

For those who remember Cath M. who was a CAT volunteers in the days of yore, working on the reed beds with Sanna, etc... well she came to visit. Was lovely to see her, with partner and young'un in tow, and she's well on the way to having umber 2 as well. We had tea and chats in the garden, really not seen her for years, but she remembered chickenshack quite well from when we came here at the beginning in '95, so it was fun showing her around at all the changes and developments.

Lovely to see you Cath and good luck with the new baby, from all of us here


Spring in Wales

well its glorious weather, warmest srping ever etc... and its all looking marvellous in the garden. While of coruse many people are freaking out about how early everything is this year I thought I woudl add that my Star Magnolia has flowered on exactly the same day for the last three or 4 years. I know that because its on my birthday, neary 4 weeks ago, and it is still flowering away beautifully.

In fact, on eh 26th of Match, the day before said day, Dawn specifically remarked that it wasn't flowering yet... it jsut feels sort of perfect for me as it was a birthday present itself initially... so how perfect is that?
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