Friday, September 07, 2007

Workhouse latest

Well its very exciting folks, but I hear that the Llanfyllin workhouse is going ahead. the peopel behind the festival have won the backing of the trustees of the building and the Ecology building society.. and are going to buy the building and land as part of a community orientated project.

I am already seriously thinking about running a permaculture design course there in the Spring, i think it wold be a great way to get some creative energy into the place, work on a design, and draw in some new involvement into it.

No doubt there will be much discussion in the coming days, but if anyone is intereste d in being a part of a design course there, please get in touch.

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Sunday, September 02, 2007

another summer over

not to get down or anyting, but here we are entering september and it feels like another summer is slipping away. great party this year, our 12th, big thanks to everyone who helped make it so good. great atmosphere and people. it is a huge leap of faith for us, to open our gates and let in the hordes for the party each year, except we should know better by now, people were so great this year.. it was easy.... thanks to all for making a great weekend, especially the sailors, who did such a great job putting up the awnings and getting the place ship shape.. ahoy maties!!! ha ha..

seriously tho', its jsut great to be able to bring people together from the different corners of your life.. and see them all get on so well.. it was a big love in really, lots of mutual appreciation all round.

lots of old faces, well not so old, but you know what i mean, and actually quite a few new ones, esp. from the village up the road, which i really appreciated meeting people from close by, that i s what makes it all feel worthwhile, it can be difficult to meet your neighbours in a remote area like this, so its great when that happens.

another really great thing this weekend was when we had an unexpected visitor this afternoon. turns out to be the daughter of the family we bought the place off 12 years ago, .. place of all her childhood memories and all that... must have been an emotional experience to turn up like that, at a place you used to think of as home. it was great to meet her, she seemed really lovely, had traveled a lot and lived an interesting life, China and places like that.. but still dreaming of wales...

once again i am reminded how lucky we were to happen along here all those 12 years ago and find this place. i thin that is one of the reason why i want to do the party, the course and all that, is to share a little bit of that luck with other people, its a privilege to live in such a beautiful place and I do feel a kind of responsibility to share it around a bit.