Sunday, October 14, 2007

Chickenshack recording studio!

with MC now in residence here at the housing co-op, he has finally got his recording studio and equipment set up. it was always part of the original dream, to have the farm, the view, the location , community, grow stuff, keep a few animals or whatever, use it as a base to explore and promote sustainable lifestyles, permaculture, and develop our own little business ideas and music and creativiey was always at the heart of that. so mike's is to use his considerable musical talents in helping other people put together quality recordings, especially for emerging artists without the access of experience to do this for themselves. he works closely with bands, sharing knowledge and teaching, so recording with him is a big learning experience. so its exciting for me to see these dreams come to fruition, and even more exciting for the artists concerned.. anyway here is a link
to 4 tracks by really exciting young Liverpool rock outfit... you would never guess it was recorded in our boiler house