Monday, May 26, 2008

more course snapshots

Busily planting a veggie bed. Permaculture encourages us to think of plants as guilds and family groups.. they don't necessarily do well as individuals. So in the this bed we are planting maize, pumpkins and beans. One of the commonest plant guilds planted around the world. The beans fix nitrogen for the maize and pumpkin, which in turn acts as a ground cover, shading out weeds and competitors, while the bens are free to climb up the maize stalks.

The second pic is Mark from the Workhouse, hard at work on the design exercise. There were three groups, who each produced a design on an area of the Workhouse. The standard for all three was very high... I really hope it can be a useful tool for the project itself. The areas examined were the 'Healing courtyard'. One of 4 internal courtyards in the building. A community garden area and the festival site itself.


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