Monday, June 30, 2008


This post is for Ute, last month's volunteer, who is doing an amazing year long trip around the UK Wwoofing at communities and permaculture plots the whole way. She is going to have such a story to tell, her idea,, rather than write a book or diary, was to write in the form of a recipe book, a recipe from each place she visited. I loved the idea of telling a story through food - i really hope she does it. Anyway the recipe I was going to submit was a simple one, elder flowers in cider vinegar - may not sound nice to you.. and it isn't particularly - its more a medicine really. As a chronic hay fever sufferer I have tried just about everything over the years, but one natural recipe that does seem to really help is a spoonful of elderflower vinegar a day. Simply remove the flowers from the stalks and soak them in the vinegar for a few days, the sieve them off and keep in the fridge.

The elder trees weren't quite ready when Ute was here, but Kistina and Lena helped me make this and I have just had my daily dose..


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