Monday, June 30, 2008

Local food fair

This was a great little event... and perhaps a sign of things to come. Local food fayre, selling local produce directly to well local people. With food and oil prices rocketing one is left wondering how well we will be able to afford supermarket produce in the future.. all those food miles and processing has to be paid for somehow so finding ways to sell directly locally is going to be an important part of the mix of responses and solutions. This was in Machynlleth, a small community that has always be pro-active kick starting these kind of things, hopefully this is a sign of many more to come. This is also the kind of thing I want to see happening at Workhouse project, which I see as becoming a key focal point for local community and economy building, part of making our sustainability transition. Oh yes and for you all you sharp eyed people this is not a picture of local food but of a local band entertaining us while we bought our local food - all part of the mix. Bringing creativity and enterprise together.. better than listening to piped music the co-op! anyway this lot call themselves Sweet Loving Rain and two of them are ex chickenshackers! so I thought I would celebrate that fact with a picture


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