Thursday, June 05, 2008

Tree measuring with Germans

I love Wwoofers! we have had some lovely one's over the past few years, it really brings a positive energy in the place. So thanks to Ute and Ian for all your lovely energy and enthusiasm this month, you both really helped, i can't say how much. So thanks again, the course went well and the place is pretty much put back together again and gardens are looking fab! So much mulching has been done..

I have to say more about Ute, she is on a fantastic mission, Wwoofing around Britain for a whole year, visiting communities and permaculture projects the ehole way. She is going to get such an amazing snapshot of the whole lot of us.. I am sure its going to be an amazing experience. I told her she should be writing a book, but the suggesetion was she'd rather write a recipe book, - i loved that idea... a story told in recipes... She's going out the Hebrides, Shetland even I think, she was on the Welsh leg, and Chickenshack was number 10 on her stop. (which reminds me of an old Mach panto joke, Ah Bond, back from your latest mission, how was it... well the welsh leg was a bit hairy...) never mind,, anyway.. Tree measuring... I love little stories, vignettes I believe they call them..

Anyway, Itook a pic a couple of years ago, driving north past Dolgellau, in Coed y Brennin of a really striking Wellingtonia pine I happened to notice and posted on a website. Only to be contacted by a tree measurer 2 years later who is researching into such trees, looking for particularly fine specimens and asked could I find it again and measure it and photograph it for him. So off I went with Wwoofer Ute to find this tree again so we could measure it for posterity. It was a fun little mission. anyway, for the record, 1.5m above ground level it is 9.5m in diameter and absolutely enourmous. Thanks again Ute! I want to hear stories from you on your journey and take some good wishes from Chickenshack with you.


At 12:10 AM, Blogger Ute said...

Hello Steve,
Whilst waiting for some pictures to upload, I thought I'd try your blog again. For some time only entries up to 2007 came up. I'm glad, you're up and running again!

Thanks for the elderflower vinegar recipe!

By the way, I've been past the Wellingtonia Pine again and again: By bicycle, by bus, by car and on foot. Should re-measuring be required in the future, I recommend the cycle ride along the sustrans network past Penmaen Pool and along the estuary - absolutely wonderful!

I stayed on a farm in Coed y Brenin. A young couple living there is getting married soon. Guess where! The amazing hotel we discovered behind the field of cows and bulls!
(By the way, the manager told them, that they have very special trees, a team of researchers came to measure them... What fun, the world is so small!)


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