Monday, June 30, 2008

Wood delivery

Well its exciting for me if noone else.. but here's what 15.8 tonnes of wood looks like and what will be keeping us warm this winter. With fuel prices rocketing it is feeling like a better and better idea that we decided to invest in our wood fueled heating system a few years back. Its a lot of work to stay on top of the wood supply, processing it and storing it, but it is a very effective and affordable way to go, and well of course more importantly sustainable. Check out the heating section on the Chickenshack website if you want to know more, but wood burning technology is actually quite complex if you want to do in a environmentally responsible way - as we discovered. The heating engineer who installed the system the very efficient heating company pointed out that burning wood on an open fire or old style burner is like burning old car tyres in terms of environmental impact- with all the smoke and particulates it produces and really inefficient.

Anyway, by logging this here I am keeping a record so we can review this in future to see how well we do, but this £600 load - I am hoping, should keep us going for a whole year.


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