Tuesday, September 16, 2008

All change at Chickenshack

What a summer its been! Although the weather has been consistently terrible, so many days of leaden skies and relentless rain, in some ways it has also been one of the best. What has made it so good has been the volunteers. i think we have had more this year than ever before. I have taken that as a sign that more people are really taking it into their own hands to find out more about what is going on out there and voting with their feet to get involved with permaculture projects, organic farms, plots, diggers and dreamers all!

Well a huge thanks to all of you, Ute, Ian, Kristina and Lena, Jen and Liz, Hilary, Claire, Abi, Mickiel, and of course Gabe, who was and is such a star. (there were more.. sorry if i have forgotten you, but you have not been forgotten) A pleasure to meet and have all of you staying with us at Chickenshack and the garden and land have never looked so good after all your hard work. Shame the weather didn't turn up to bless all that hard work with a bit of sunshie to make it all grow better. The onions did best, in the raised beds started by the Israeli vols last year, it has inspired us to do more next year.

Talking of inspiration, I too have been inspired, so much so that I am moving on myself. How can that be? I hear you say, leave this little paradise yo have worked for 15 odd years to nurture it into life. Well there in lies the answer, its been a long time, and now we have passed the 13 year anniversary of living there, I feel the tug of a new challenge. Permaculture is coming of age too, suddenly peopel are starting to 'get' it, to understand how it is so much more than gardening. So my years clinging on the side of a mountainin the wilderness are over adn I am moving to a mroe central location, llanfyllin, which is home to a brand new and i think most exciting proejct of all.

All my years of grass roots projects, of CAT, Chickenshack and Permaculture, its chance to offer up what i might have learned along the way to breath life into something new, with a much higher profile and where i hope to bring permaculture to a much broader and I think hungry ( may beliterally) audience. As Cuban permaculture enthusiast Roberto Perez says on his staggering slideshow of how community farms have saved a antion of 8 million people from starvation, never forget how important food is. you need to eat everyday, and we take all that so much for granted.

SO if you are reading this, come and get involved a the Workhouse if its in your area, or go to the permaculture association site www.permaculture.org.uk and find out what's going on in your area.

So long everyone and thanks for all the encouragement and feedback over the year, i will be starting a new blog soon on the Workhouse and will post a link to it here.

Love to you all



At 10:49 PM, Blogger Ian Watt said...

Good luck to you Steve!
It's been such good fun spending time and working with you this year - let's do more stuff soon - hope to be down in Wales again before long, till then more power to your elbow and lots of love xx ian

Thank you for the little amasing time I did spend with you in Chickenshack. You can and you will succeed in your new project and may your dreams come true! see you quite soon, much love, Debi xxx

At 9:04 PM, Blogger Hunchenfest said...

Hey thanks for that guys, looking forward to seeing you both when you come up next.

At 9:15 PM, Blogger johnseo said...

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