Saturday, November 08, 2008

Forest Garden at Chickenshack

A riot of useful perennials at the heart of the forest garden at Chickenshack. Mints, lemon balms, sages, elacampagne, yarrow, surrounding apple, and other fruit trees. Deep and shallow rooted plants cycling nutrients and building up a healthy population of beneficial insects and microbes.

Over the years the heavily overgrazing and tired fields at Chickenshack have transformed in a diverse rich and productive landscape. It took me three years of quite intensive work to get back on top of the part of the garden after it had become seriously over grown, transplanting lots of plants I had grown on from the Roof Garden in RISC. Others I bought in. I had to scythe down weeds and mulch heavily to surpress the nettles and grasses to get the herb and fruiting layers strongly established.


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