Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Permaculture courses for 2009

I have been busy developing courses idea for the Workhouse, now that I am working over there a lot of the time. And here is the start of a programme, lots of ideas for more, but it takes a while to develop a new course. We are doing our very first yurt building ones, and there are some excellent photos on Ian Watts eco blog who has just done a similar course elsewhere.

I was invited over to Normandy last month to run a 5 day forest gardening and intro to permaculture course over there. It went well, was very interesting to see a bit of the Normandy countryside and stay with Douglas and Hayley. Here is a link to a photo dairy of the course and some shots of their land over there. I went with Hannah and I think we both found it very inspiring. Doug and Hay are interested in teh idea of a summer permaculture camp over there. They have done some fabulous eco-rennovation work on some of the buildings and a built a super new courses barn. I can I amagine how there could be lots to do adn get invovled with if we did try adn run something like that. The introduction to permaculture course we ran certainly got people thinking and talking over there, so its fun think of the possibility of going back to do a full PDC at some point.


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