Saturday, February 02, 2008

the wall...

here it is the foundation layer of Louis' wall...

Wall building with Louis

Well its exciting for me anyway, but getting small dry stone wall built in the veg garden is something I have wanted for ages. Not least as we have so many granite rocks lying around the place we should do something with them. I have been collecting them in a pile for at least two years, adn after the course last year a couple of volunteers who had stayed behind shifted a whole lot more for us. So finally Louis, from Undergrowth housing co-op has spent the last three days building it for us. It is a real skill and the smallish and angular rocks here make it especially difficult. Its not quite finished yet but I love what he has done

Permaculture course 2008

We have jsut received the first deposit for a the course this spring! which is always very exciting for us, makes it real.. so well done Alys, and we have provisional bookings from Abi, Ross, Mandy, Pete and Mikey from Brighton as well, so its looking good.

We hope to be working with Sarah Pugh from Bristol permaculture, Chris Evans who of course was involved with Permaculture in Nepal for so long, plus lots of our old favourites.

The big difference this year i that we are working closely with the Workhouse at Llanfyllin, which has to be the most exciting new project around. Its a big old building with surrounding land, set in stunning rural Powys scenery.. and has become the home for one the best small festivals of the summer. We are very much hoping to involve several of the folk fro teh project itself and also to use the project as a sort of blank canvas on which to develop our own design ideas. The intention is to use it as a real life example whilst injecting some ideas , enthusiasm and encouragement into the project.