Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Workhouse permaculture

So I am now fully invovled with the Workhouse project over in Llanfyllin and working hard to incorporate permaculture design approaches at the heart of the project. We have just held our second Introduction to Permaculture Weekend and are planning for a May 2 week PDC. There is a growing community of likeminded people here and I am seeing as a potential place to base myself for developing future activities, taking on one of the beautifully restored workshops as a base and developing a whole range of related courses. The feedback from teh course here at the weekend leads me to believe there really is a rapidly developing interest in the whole area of edible landscaping, sustainable agriculture and food growing as well as biodiversity and low impact living.

I feel like I have waited a long time for this to happen, so I am gearing up to be able to rise to the interest and demand. I am working with the my Sector39 partnership idea again, to put together a team of sustainability practitioners to run courses and offer landscape design and build services. I am also thrilled to be working with green woods craftsmen adn we are offering yurt building courses and looking at the possibility of doing timber framing, charcoaling and more types of of courses along those lines.

I am excited and hopeful that the Workhouse can quickly fill its potnetial as a hub for these kinds of activites for the whole area. All the lastest course info will be posted on the sector39.co.uk site and the Workhouse one as well.