Monday, December 17, 2007

I have been writing a series of posts for Channel4's Green website, use the link to check it out. feedback welcome! It is an extension for the work I did on the 'Dumped', landfill site survival TV prog in the summer. which was a fun and interesting diversion back in June. I wrote a piece for CAT's Clean Slate magazine about it.

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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Its all been so busy...

Since the design course finished in the beginning of June, i don't think my feet have touched the ground. I cant believe its that time in August when we thinking about our annual party and another year has slipped by. We are 12 years old this summer, as a co-op, community of friends and believers and still trying to make our way in this mad world of ours.

Me? well I have been working for the Ch4 TV show Dumped, which comes out in September, 3rd I think is the first episode. A chance for TV to take a serious look at what we as a society throw away, and the impact which that has. Since doing that I have been off sailing on Ed's boat. check out Mangosailing if you have not seen it yet, Ed's site, with some lovely pics of the boat.

I am pretty excited in that since doing the work fo Ch4 they have re employed me to write stuff for an up and coming Ch4/green website.. its early days so far so it might not work out .. but it should at least keep me in sweeties til the end of the year, so I am pretty pleased about that. Getting a chance to get paid for writing blogs ranting about the environment, pretty much what i do in my spare time for free... so if i go silent here, then you'll know where to look for me if you are missing me.. ha ha.

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