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Patrick Whitefields great book on Forest gardening, it was the first one of its kind written for our temperate climate
Robert Hart of course is attributed to have invented the Forest Garden and pionnered it in his garden in Wenlock Edge
Mollison and Holgrew's designers manual is still the definitive text - the Permaculture bible, although its mainly about Australia the principles are the same everywhere - its a must have!
Ben is an inspirational forester and I really reccommend his work
Graham Bell is a stalwart of Permaculture in the UK and has loads to say about it, well worth a read
We have known Simon for years via Redfield community and PErmaculture association here is his pc plot - actually I dont think Chickenshak are in it, I must talk to him!
More from Robert - Robert died a few years ago, but he has left an amazing legacy

Feingold appearing on CSHC'06 permaculture course!

It is a huge undertaking to host a 2 week permaculture design course and the prospect can be a bit daunting. Whilst of course it is a very exciting and challenging prospect as well, the decision to run our first full course since 1997 was not taken lightly. Consequently we are delighted to be able to announce that renoun permacuture teacher Mike Feingold has agreed to help deliver it and that has really given us the confidence to go ahead with it.

Mike led on the two previous courses held here, CSHC'96 & CSHC'97, and also led the coure held at CAT in '95, which is where many of the original Chickenshack members met, with the course itself acting as a very important catlayst in getting this place off the ground. The idea was in place, and had been slowly evolving for 2 or 3 years, but for us, that course really lit the touch paper for our project. So Mike has a bit of history with us as it were.

A loger term plan for us now is to develop this as our special annual or bi-annual event and having the experience of Mike on hand to help shape that is a great opportunity.

Mike is claiming to have retired from the rigours of intensive courses and will be taking a supporting role, so he will lurking in the background while Sarah Pugh from Bristol Pc and Steve from Chickensahck take the lead on delivering it. We are adding mroe detailsa bout it the website all the time.

There is much more informatin to come - I am currently setting up a telephone hotline (yeah really!) which will carry lots more information and handle registrations, as well as writing up all the the publicity materials so keep coming back please if you are interested, but if you are interested then its never too early to register:

Chickenshack on TV

Viewing figures are set to go through the roof in November when BBC1 wales show their chickenshack documentary. They shot a good 4 hours of footage for what will be a 10 minute clip on a show exploring Welsh houses in all their variety. Actually we were all really impressed by their genuine interest in what we are doing here and are looking forward (well with certain trepidaton) to seeing the show when it comes out.

They have promised us a copy on DVD - so that will be something for the grandchildren!


Up and coming Courses and talks:

One day introduction to herbal medicine: with Amanda Dean September 10th At Chickenshack, Gwynedd

Introduction to Permaculture design
Sept 16th - 18th at Chickenshack, Gwynedd (see permaculture page)

Day Conference with RISC Roof Garden Reading, Berks 'Much more than plants' 24th September

10th Birthday picnic

6th August all Chickenshack's members and ex's are welcome as well as loanstock holders past and present. We are planning to unvail our latest plans on this day as well as celebrate the last 10 years and our collective achievement of getting this place together

luckily there was an enthusiastic team on hand when it came to blowing out the candles

40th tennant expected in August!

Yes, when Ruth completes her planned move here in August she will be the 40th person on the register. It will be very interesting having a working artist here as well - I hope to be able to publish some chickenshack inspired artwork in the not too distant future

August party

Unless something happens at Alice's 21st to put us off forever then we still are planning to hold the traditional bank holiday party, so if you miss out this weekend then we hope you can make it for the usual annual bash.


First Herbalism workshop

We are very fortunate to hold our first worksop with locally based herbalist Amanda Dean.

It was a very successful session and more are planned soon. See her website for details to contact her about up and coming events

Amanda is registered and qualified practitioner with several years clinical experience. Whilst the fields adn hedgerows here are abundant with wild plants ideal for such sessions

New Project

Still on the drawing board, and to be revealed on 6th August at the 10th anniversary party. Details will be posted after then, but Chickenshackers have been busy conspiring together on the next stage of our master plan to save the universe. We will keep all our friends posted as soon as we can


Field visit

Renoun Permaculture teacher Mike Feingold on a fieldtrip to Chickenshack with a group from Easton Permacultue group in Bristol. Spring 2004