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Jan 2006
Hedging. Laying the hedge between the wetland and the veggie garden.
Many thanks to Andy and Dawn
July 2005

Happy birthday Alice!
Alice's 21st party
Gardens and land
Aug 2003 - Oct 2005
Local Views
Oct - Dec 2003
Chickenshack Biomass/ Solar Central Heating Project
June 2004
Solsitice rise, stunning early morning views of the Dysynni valley
Spring 2004

Bristol Permaculture come to visit for a field trip

May 2005

Panorama of the house and yard

Winter 1998
Excavating the pond in the wetland. We hired a digger and driver for a day to excavate the old pond in the wetland. Although clearly marked on old maps, it had become completely grown over and silted up with marsh grasses. The intention is to enrich the natural wetland habit there.The pond was filled wtih water naturally by the following morning. It now attracts an increasing amount of wildlife. Including ducks since 2001 our first visitng heron in 2005