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Dylan and best of blues and rock

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For anyone with a passing interest in the blues and rock music derived from it then these are some of the very best albums ever recorded (in my humble opinion.)

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Chickenshack Album reviews by Franktastic
There are 550 listings for The Rolling Stones on the amazon catalogue,
also a bewildering patchwork of rereleases, US releases and greatest hits; this is the Franktastic recommendation and review to help guide you to some of the best rock and roll music ever made.

Side one of Goats Head soup is one of best slices of Rock music of all time, from the haunting and menacing Mr D, through 100 years ago, heartbreaker, coming down again and Angie, simply amazing Black and Blue, dismissed by Richards as junkie music and as 'the one where we were testing out guitarists', but there are two or three absolute gems on here in amongst it all, Ney Negrita is a killer groove and Fool to cry melts in the mouth

Exile on Mainstreet - well its the one everyone says is the best, its hard to argue against its depth, breadth and feel. The bands growing musical competance and wider influences are really starting to show through here

Satanic Majesty's, an embarrasment or a masterpiece? Its to re-evaluate this oft overlooked gem. You can argue that few albums captured the headiness of 1967 better than this one, its naive, its roughly hewen, its a rag tag of ideas, its a time capsule of its moment and has some really good songs on it

Let it Bleed - masterful from beginning to end, contains some of their most enduring material. Beggars banquet. When the stones evolved to become the stadium filling Rock band of the 70's, actually few of the 60's pop bands made the transition as successfully as the Stones did. MAking the terrotory their own, the last one with Jones of course, staggering creativity

Some Girls - well Beast of Burden is my favourite all time Stones track, arguably the last really great Stones album. It stands the test of time well

Get Yer Ya's Ya's out. Captures the Stones at their brilliant best on the '69 tour of the US. Richards is on fire, explosive riff making with some great touches form Taylor.

The singles - let us not forget the Stones were rivalled only by the Beatles as the best singles band of the 60's, so many great songs. Such a great sound.

Made in the shade. A selection of some of the best material from teh the Mid 70's; Angie, Wild Horses, Bitch, Its only Rock'n'Roll its all on here

Rock and Roll circus, a time capsule form 1968, held back from release until really recently - its a naked and revealing performance, Richards is turning yellow and Jones is a sobbing mess, it contains some great performances, a must see for any fan! The Stones do Unplugged in the Mid 90's, this is great to listen to - with some fantastic versions of the classics, with a couple of interesting covers and obscurities thrown in. This cd rekindled my love for the Stones and reminds you what a great live act they are.
Sticky Fingers- - regarded as one of their best albums, from the great phase when Mick Taylor was in the band and his musical influence is starting to permeate the Stones sound. Tattoo You, although a bit of a rag bag of odds and ends contains some really enduring songs, Waiting on a friend, Start me up to name a couple
Keith's singing and songwriting has contributed several new songs to the bands set - more than their recent albums. "Fuck rock, lets roll" he has been heard to have said recently. His broken soulful voice digs deep, this is good stuff

Keith Again

This is Mick'n'Keith with the bloke from the Mama's and Papa's. One of the real bonuses of the digital age is that so much rare material is coming out that we only used to dream of hearing I have always loved this album, full of old southern style songs, steeped in gospel country and blues. Its a soundtrack to a movie I have not seen, but Wood and Lane is the real deal here, atmospheric, dreamy really lovely. One of my most played albums

For many years Wyman was the unofficial stones historian, his book is insightful and fascinating

I guess this book is really a trashy betrayal of confidence by Keith Richards' ex driver and fixer Tony Sanchez, its a insight into some of their sleazier habits and behaviours, legends and rumours. The drugs, the busts the arguments
This looks fascinating, edited by Jools with the full cooperation fo the band, I look forward to reading this This is a great insight into the 'human riff', the musical driving force of the greatest rock and roll band, the outlaw the legend. 'If you are going to kick society inthe face, you may as well do it with both feet'. Sotry in intersperced with him awaiting trail in Montreal for Heroin trafficking
The whole Stones career was a build up to this DVD. This is them at their best; live, sober, and absolutely spellbinding. They have such a huge repetoire and they really do it justice on this set - a must if you are a big fan Everything about Zeppelin that made them so great. Archive footage - most never seen before and some great performances.
Led Zep were an extraordinary band, sometimes inspite of them selves and the pomp and bullshit that went with it all. But this really reminds you what they were all about. Something truly special!