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Rolling Stones, reviews and recommendations

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For anyone with a passing interest in the blues and rock music derived from it then these are some of the very best albums ever recorded (in my humble opinion.)

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Chickenshack Album reviews by Franktastic
There are 667 listings for Bob Dylan on the amazon catalogue,
so i thought I would offer my top 14 must have Dylan albums
to try help out a bit + see below for some of my favourite all time albums; all come with a Franktastic recommendation and review

Dylan laments the passing of time and the loss of Sara his wife and great love. This is a rich tapestry, a truly wonderful record Highway 61
Many regard this as Dylan's best album, its when the folk singer re-invented himself as the master of rock and the master of cool
Blonde on Blonde is when Bob Dylan invented psychedelic rock, supposedly. This is so Dylan it is almost a pastiche of itself. It also contains some of the best songs ever written

Sporting a spiv mustache on the cover, this most recent offering is an album of cowboy songs, and regarded as by far the best late period Dylan, even rivalling some of his greats.

Desire - quintessential mid period Dylan, some of his absolute classic songs, delivered with passion. This is the story of the hurricane....... Live 66 - its this concert that assured Dylan's eternal place in the hall of fame. Only recently available as well - if you only have one Dylan album in your collection - make sure its this one
Blistering, he's angry, he's funny, he's witty, he's insightful, the band is on fire - this is a very good album, Dylan at his very best Oh Mercy, a return from the wilderness - one of several, working with Danny Lanois, this was a new sound, a new era, a new Dylan, great stuff.
this is Dylan in the wilderness, in retreat jamming with the band, loose, informal, - the guys map out the terratory for the next 20 years of rock and roll. This album is truly incredible in its creativity When Dylan did gospel - this album outsold the whole rest of that genre's sales combined. It is a truly brilliant and inspirational record, his other gospel records are good but patchy - this one is great.
When Dylan did country... he went to Nashville and played with some of pop music's best musicians and producers. I love this album so much, it is his most tuneful - Dylan the sweet troubadour This marked the start of Dylan's most recent return to form. This is reflective, experienced, and an insight into the aging artist. Bitter in places, funny in others - I really like this album!
Its got knockin' on heaven's door on it, its was a great movie but not really his best record, mainly filler to be honest, yet inspite of that this remains one of my most played albums of all time - its really nice to listen to. The Last Waltz is the best rock concert movie eve r- Martin Scorsese beautifully captures the Band's star studded grand finale concert. They were ALL there; Muddy Waters, Emmylou Harris, Van Morrison, Joni Mitchell, Neil Young and of course Dylan himself - many giving career best performances. Get this on DVD and watch it lots of times is my advice
So named as he make his guitar cackle like a chicken James Super Chikan Johnson is witty, insightful, original and just dam good! This is contemporary delta blues - recorded by a 50 something tractor driver - straight from the fields to the recording studio

Muddy Waters sings his tribute to the songs of Big Bill Broonzy,

'It was a dream, a dream I had on my mind'.

Rootsy, soulful and beautifully crafted, this is an act of devotion

I lost my copy of this, I am going to have to get it again, this lady could out Janis Janis in her vocal style and delivery with a shit hot band to boot; very very good stuff Buddy Guy's stinging guitar attacks and Junior Wells' power soul voice - what a combination. The opening track, 'man of many words' is one of the definitive blues track of all time - get it loud!

Rory at his best.

Gallagher was a consumate blues rock player and was an explosive live performer. I really miss him

This is the album that first really turned me onto rock music, Philby, Keychain and Bad Penny - this is what its all about!
The title says it all really, this is simply a blistering, seething cauldron of blues rock and guitar mastery,
go johnny go!
This is a definitive showcase of Johnny's remarkable mastery of the blues and its many styles and moods. This is a great cd
The whole Stones career was a build up to this DVD. This is them at their best; live, sober, and absolutely spellbinding. They have such a huge repetoire and they really do it justice on this set - a must if you are a big fan everything about Zeppelin that made them so great. Archive footage - most never seen before and some great performances.
Led Zep were an extraordinary band, sometimes inspite of them selves and the pomp and bullshit that went with it all. But this really reminds you what they were all about. Something truly special!
JLH, aways was my favourite of the blues greats, he was constantly inventive, endlessly soulful and he really knew how rock the house when required. This is the album that relaunched the 70 something Hooker on the global market. Thomas Mapfumo - where to start? the man is a musical giant, amazon have 28 listisngs for him, this one recorded on his 50th birthday catches him in a soulful mood, and typifies the chimurenga sound - the sound of resistance